Cape Town Electronic Music Festival 2016

Renowned for its carefully curated line-ups, CTEMF brings together an assortment of local talent and imported luminaries to create a programme that aims to represent a cross section of South Africa’s vast, thriving electronic music industry in its global context. Uniting world-renowned icons with fresh, new emerging acts from all corners of the South African scene, the 2016 line-up presents the same careful curation that has garnered CTEMF international recognition in previous years.

The 2016 line-up will run the full gamut – from hip hop and disco to bass, house, techno and newer forms of electronic music, unique to South Africa such as gqom, that now resonate in dance music’s capital cities.

Why should this matter to you? Well we’ve compiled a list of reasons as to why you should attend Cape Town’s illustrious electronic offering.

1. Price

With over 30 local and international artists hosted in one of South Africa’s most musically diverse cities, all encapsulated into 3 days of world-class entertainment, a ticket price of R700 is a steal.

CTEMF15 John-Henry Bartlett

CTEMF15 – John Henry Bartlett

2. Free 3-day Workshop

wide-ranging 3-day programme of workshops and showcases will roll out all over the city where international pioneers and innovators share the stage with the bright lights of the South African scene while the inner workings of the rapidly growing electronic music industry are unpacked and explored.

CTEMF15 John-Henry Bartlett

CTEMF15 John-Henry Bartlett

3. Additional Stage

Late in 2015, the festival announced plans for a new third stage and this has been realised via the new “Club Stage”. The festival’s extensive line-up and expansion indicate both an evolution of the festival and the growth of the industry in broader terms.

CTEMF15 Mik Motola

CTEMF15 Mik Motola

4. Petite Noir’s First South African Show

Petite Noir, the moniker Yannick Ilunga records under, is a proudly pan-african artist, who wants to move the world away from its obsession with reducing Africa to a curios market. Whilst growing up in Cape Town, Yannick experimented with numerous musical endeavours and projects until finally honing in his direction under Petite Noir. Now mostly operating out of the UK, Petite Noir creates and curates audio experiences that have seen him perform in and around Europe and North America with the likes of Foals, Solange Knowles and many other notable acts. Finally South Africa is awarded the opportunity of experiencing one of its finest contemporary exports at CTEMF2016. A performance well-anticipated and long overdue.

Petite Noir - La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful

Petite Noir – La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful

5. For The Love of Music

At the end of the day, South Africa is teeming with world-class, locally produced sounds that bridge the divide between culture, creed, and colour. A sound that navigates itself through the canals of your esse, traversing between the constitution of internal passion, struggle, a will to break free and an overall feeling of euphoria. Music is a conversation starter, the shorthand of emotion, the sound of feelings that transcend all misunderstanding amongst lovers, philosophers, thinkers and doers.

CTEMF15 Jono Ferreira

CTEMF15 Jono Ferreira

Festival Info

Full CTEMF Dates: 2nd – 7th February 2016

CTEMF Workshops: 2nd – 5th February 2016

CTEMF Festival: 5th – 7th February 2016

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