The purpose of travelling is to relax, unwind and take a brief hiatus from the pressures that besiege the millennial; one of these pressures being the expectation to dress to impress or rock whatever outfit is trendy in that season. When giving expression to your wanderlust, the last thing you want to stress about is what to wear. To help you enjoy your travels fully, we have put together a few items that will make sure that you travel in style and comfort.


Your shoes

Since you probably will be walking around a lot, exploring the different corners of a new place, you need to pack shoes that are super comfortable.  If you know that your travel itinerary includes a lot of walking, get a pair of sneakers or even sandals. The type of shoe you get will obviously depend on the terrain you will be treading. If you plan on going up the Great Wall of China, sneakers will be the best option. If you plan on strolling the streets of Tanzania’s Stone Town, a comfortable pair of sandals will do. We also advise that you pack both open and closed shoes so that you can be ready for any changes in the weather.


Your pants

First things first, pack long pants and shorts so that you are ready for sunny days, gloomy afternoons and nippy evenings. Since you will spend most of your time exploring, your pants must be comfortable and flowy, linen pants and harem pants are the best; they are comfortable and non-restrictive. If it’s super hot, you can put on a nice pair of chino or rock some short shorts. If you choose to opt for jeans, make sure that they are stretch-denim so that you can move around with great ease.



The first thing you need to do after you have booked your ticket is to check the weather forecast for the duration of your visit; this will help you know what type of dresses you should pack. If the weather is going to be sunny, you can pack different coloured or patterned maxi dresses. If you like shirt dresses, you can get yourself a few t-shirt dresses in different colours. Floral shift dresses and soft cotton dresses are also great for travelling in the summer. If you’re going to be venturing into colder climates, it’s best to find long dresses that have long sleeves and are made from materials such as corduroy or velvet.


Jackets, coats and the just in case

If you will be travelling to a cold country like Alaska or the Arctic, not sure if people do, you have to pack jackets, coats and jerseys. Make your way to Cape Union Mart for those K-Way jackets. Even if you won’t be travelling in winter, it would be in your best interests to pack a cardigan, at the very least. Even a scarf will do, for those unexpected chilly days.


Oh my hat

Hats are great accessories for the perennial traveller and there is a variety of them on offer. Wide-brimmed sun hats are the obvious choice for summer days, and they come in an array of colours and sizes—great for those Insta pics! Fedoras are also perfect if you want to add more style to your vacation.




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