Are you an adrenaline junkie seeking the opportunity to run wild and give life to your inner beast? Well, hidden in Gauteng, there is a place that is perfect for you to go on an adventure that will test your endurance and guarantee the time of your life – GOG Lifestyle Park.

Be a child again

GOG Lifestyle Park is a home away from home for all you thrill seekers looking to get fit, be challenged and have an enjoyable time with your family and friends. The park has many attractions to offer, these include 7 unique rides, a BMX track, Africa’s highest man-made climbing wall, a zip line, giant inflatable features, trampolines and a sprint obstacle course. The theme park is the ideal spot for team building or for families looking for a moment to relax and reconnect.

South African Actor Sdumo Mtshali has spent time at GOG Lifestyle Park and had this to say: “This is a wonderful experience for me and my boys, one which we will definitely remember. It’s like being in one great big sandbox with all your favourite toys in there, it doesn’t get any cooler than this!”

Life can get really busy and overwhelming at times, sometimes all you need is to be a kid again and GOG Lifestyle allows you to do just that – be a child for a moment and enjoy life uninhibited.

The GOG Lifestyle Park is basically a giant playground located in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg. It is run by Tim Hogins. The idea came to him as he was imagining the perfect place for one to bring their friends and just have fun. It is an exciting place for everyone, regardless of age or gender. “GOG Lifestyle Park is here for you to create the most unique and spectacular adventure experience,” says Tim.

If you love the outdoors, are a fitness enthusiast or are just looking for a space to run freely and clear your mind, you should visit GOG Lifestyle Park – you will not be disappointed. At the end of a day filled with activity, there is also space for you to have a picnic or chillout in the GOG Lifestyle Park beer garden.

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