Belvedere Vodka, the world’s original luxury vodka, is proud to unveil its new advertising campaign, photographed and directed by avant-garde fashion photographer Ellen von Unwerth. World-renowned for the spontaneous tone of her work and for bringing photographs to life through playful scenarios, this campaign is no different. Ellen von Unwerth unwaveringly captures Belvedere’s spirit of defiance, celebrating those who know the difference between a regular night out and an extraordinary night out.

“Belvedere Vodka gave me the opportunity in truly letting my creative vision and expression roam free to interpret their values and their world,” says Ellen von Unwerth. “The results are highly fun and irreverent photographs that I feel embody Belvedere’s wit, sophistication and elegant yet edgy style.”

“Belvedere is a vodka with character. It is a statement of style, substance and confidence. Authentic and naturally smooth, it is the luxury vodka of those who are in the know.” remarks Charles Gibb, President of Belvedere Vodka. “Teaming up with Ellen von Unwerth, for the Know the Difference campaign, is the perfect ingredient to toast to those who believe in the strength of audacity and the value of authenticity”.

Photographed in Buenos Aires, Argentina, this campaign features a glamorous group of urban sophisticates, both men and women, plugged into pop culture, who enjoy life with class, optimism and always a touch of boldness. They live to push boundaries and redesign conventions. Curious and independent, their choices reflect their knowledge, good taste and sense of style.

Globally recognized for her unique vision behind the camera, Ellen von Unwerth’s signature style shines through any of her photographs. She perfectly portrays Belvedere’s confident and spontaneous personality in a refined and vibrant aesthetics that is completely identifiable as Ellen von Unwerth’s craft, and simultaneously reflects the heritage and elegance of the brand.


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