She’s making serious waves in the blogsphere, and not just on the fashion scene – in fact, there’s so
much more to Thithi than meets the eye

Thithi Nteta has a CV that reads like a messy love story with multiple lovers. A messy love
story that has her working full time for herself as a Jack or Jacqueline of all trades. From project
manager and brand consultant to blogger, stylist and publicist for THE WKND SOCIAL to amateur
writer, Thithi has managed to really build her portfolio career around the things she loves to do:
fashion, beauty, lifestyle and events and the fact that she is obsessed with just being insanely

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Thithi is the quintessential IT girl, but with a profound maturity that’s made her the go-to person for
advice on anything from style to what to do next. Cheeky, quirky and full of life are all descriptive of
Thithi, but none of those words quite capture her striking energy, or the intense intelligence behind
her eyes. She’s most definitely a go-getter who doesn’t do middle of the road.
Since resigning from her job as Regional Marketing Manager for Red Bull (a job she loved,
but felt she was getting a bit too old for), Thithi has put more serious energy into her now highly
successful blog. It’s not actually that easy to make a living out of blogging; as many writers will
attest. One of the key aspects of becoming successful, however, is to begin writing within your areas
of passion and to remain authentic. That’s what most of the experts say and it’s certainly something
Thithi understood from the beginning.

As most writers also know, when working within the magazine space, there are rules and
regulations that in some ways stymie creativity and leave little space for you to write about your
own loves and opinions. So, Thithi’s blog started out as a hobby, a place for her creativity to run free.
At school, English class was her favourite and she would enter as many creative writing competitions
as were available. She also had great encouragement from her grandfather, an intellectual who
would avidly read and crit her stories. Numerous brands have collaborated with Thithi and this
attests to her success. In fact, she was the only female blogger TopShop South Africa turned to when
it needed to get the word out about its first store opening.


Thithi is a brand in her own right and it’s clear she understands what her readers are interested in. A
lot of thought and planning goes into her content, especially the written pieces where she offers her
readers intelligent, relevant and thought-provoking insights.
Because Thithi has been on both sides of the marketing space; she’s uniquely positioned to
really assist brands in viably getting themselves out into the marketplace. And they’re coming to her
for advice in droves. She’s worked with many of the top fashion and lifestyle brands; and has been
pulled into the magazine world by some of the world’s favourite titles. So, it’s not just about being
everyone’s BFF, Thithi can hold her own in a boardroom full of marketing experts.


Thithi is a complete Jozi fan, and is in love with the city; even the things she doesn’t like, she misses
when she’s been away for a while. She’s also extremely passionate about the South African fashion
industry and wants people to take more notice of the myriad quality local brands on offer. Thithi
says there’s a misconception about the quality of clothing produced locally – she encourages people
to go out and touch and feel locally made clothes. Because she insists the quality is outstanding. And
when it comes to style, there’s nothing quite like what’s coming out of SA, and Africa.
However, she does say that local designers do need to make more noise and get out there so
people have access to their clothes and ideas. It’s all very well creating something amazing, you still
need to let people know about it. Perhaps designers should spend some time chatting to Thithi
about how they can strategically get themselves on the map – certainly her blog space would be a
good place to begin.


There’s no doubt that we will be hearing more from this dynamic young woman. She has an
authoritative digital voice that’s wholly relevant and authentic. She has a lot to offer and we’re sure
more and more brands will begin to realise they want Teetee with them.

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