Do you prefer your steed large and fast? BMW SA has just recently brought in its brace of genuinely quick super-SUVs and we went out to try them out in the fairest Cape.

What are they?

They occupy the top spot on both the X5 and X6 ranges as the ultra premium iterations of the well-liked BMW SUV brigade, though the company prefers we refer to them as SAV (for Sport Activity Vehicle). Essentially the company has strived to come up with a multi-terrain concept here that will see owners enjoy cushy urban driving while also able to negotiate moderately inhospitable roads and surfaces.

With BMW having refocused its attentions on uber luxury fittings a few years ago expect the perennial but un-identical twins to throw you deep into sumptuous interiors that reflect dynamic collaboration of sophisticated luxury fused with sporty tones. Expect a world of digital toys ranging from radar cruise function to even a high end interactive navigation system that will try with all its might, to steer you clear of gridlocked traffic while it can also be set to seek out the most economical routes to your destination.


And do they crack the whip?

Any BMW that earns the ‘M’ badge is expected to possess the kind of extraordinary pyrotechnics first introduced to the world via low-level sports cars and the 4.4-litre twin-turbo V8 nestling upfront the nose is good for 423kW and 750Nm. It’s quite strong and transmits power to the wheels via a newly developed 8-speed automatic transmission. The maker reckons the X6M can dispatch the 0-100km/h sprint in an eye-watering 4.2 seconds, chillingly, a mere 0.1 seconds slower than a present day M3 sedan and top out at 250km/h.

But such is the make up of the new XMs in that they are designed to take you to work, carry stuff, and even handle a handle racetrack if you are inclined in that way. You only have to choose which shape tickles you; the conventional box X5 or the much loved coupe silhouette X6. Either way you are in for some very fast travels.


X5 M    R1 643 000

X6 M    R1 676 500

X5 and X6M_Blaque_Magazine

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