Light as air

the encapsulation of summer accoutre

If summer were a sensation it would intuit lightness and ease. If it were fashion it would be dominant, unchecked, and groovy– allowing a wearer to take charge in comfort and swanky balance as temperatures rise. It would be BOSS. For Spring/Summer 2017, BOSS Menswear is inspired by the ultimate lightweight piece – the parachute.

The parachute as Muse furnishes a design model that serves as an inspiration not only in its function but also in its form. Emphatically one of the most creative and well-thought out fashion segways of 2017. Many of the pieces in the collection can be packed away into an integral bag, while ripstop fabrics woven with a micro-grid structure ensure strength and lightness in simulation of the parachutes faultless blueprint. Aesthetically, the natural appearance of the parachute is explored. Outerwear is worn strapped then slung over the shoulders and back, while belts and pull cords accenting patterns and prints.

The brand’s signature tailoring follows the path of the Muse, focusing on technical innovation and sartorial excellence to enhance freedom of movement. New proportions are introduced. Easy shapes and *unconstructed designs are paired with airy light and luxe fabrics: fine cotton-silk blends, linen jersey, and paper finish materials. Leather plays a compelling feature in the collection within a raw-cut, bonded Nappa coat in a perfect matte finish – a standout, yet effortlessly understated piece.

*Unconstructed (of clothing) made with little or no padding, interfacing, or lining, so as to fit loosely or softly on the body.

This attention to innovative design lends itself perfectly to the man or woman on the go.

BOSS embodies the ultimate fashion capsule for the modern sapiens. BOSS Store opens its doors to the public in the trendiest and most exclusive shopping area in downtown Cape Town on March 24, 2017. Kicking off with a ritzy opening event in-store, followed by an exclusive after-party at a clandestine location of eminently captivating views.

BOSS are poised to corner the market in luxury fashion convenience.

BOSS Travel Line offers a collection featuring ultra-light outerwear, jackets with cooling perforated linings, and shirts woven from advanced fabrics with anti-crease, breathable properties. Even the tailored jackets and coats fully pack away into themselves, transforming into a pillow for long-haul journeys.

For Sportswear, technical design is employed for both performance and aesthetic application. In this edition, a laser-cut bonded nylon jacket features alongside a wind-resistant padded field jacket. Pursuing ultimate versatility, 2-in-1 reversible jackets are offered including a casual blazer which can be turned around to be worn as a bomber jacket. Sports meet style in a nappa blousoon, worn with a pair of lightweight poplin drawstring pants.

 The palette is understated and masculine in sartorial gray, taupe, olive and khaki, but energized with bursts of color. Pattern and print also contribute a certain edge. A geometric design and windowpane check bring new flair to some of the black tailoring, while touches of camouflage add a youthful modernity.

On a total retail space of 250 square meters, the new store at the Victoria & Albert Waterfront will feature the latest Spring/Summer 2017 BOSS Menswear and Womenswear collections including shoes and accessories.

The clean, angular aesthetic of the BOSS Store opening on the 24th of March provides the perfect showcase for the brand’s collections. BOSS owns the modern elements, embracing high gloss and mirrored materials, as well as matte and fabric surfaces in soft colors. Harmony is conceived between lines, shapes, and colours. It’s a no fuss environment, gleamed to the raw element of sophistication. This is where you go to ‘own your BOSS’.

A final word for the encapsulated BOSS campaign:

Smooth, clean and very clever, whilst also indefinably younger and relentlessly advanced.