Where can you find class and elegance? Adventure with a hint of chic? An ambience of overtly identified excellence, along with a rich sense of history? All of these questions could have easily been answered as “Right Here” for those present at the launch of the long-awaited Chivas Ultis, an experience one can simply define as balanced to the highest level of perfection. In partnership with Jeep, all attendees arrived at the superabundant Jeep dealership in Bryanston Sandton where there was a warm reception and an efficient registration process. If surprises were any form of measurement, the Chivas experience with Jeep tipped all the scales as the attendees were given a choice between the Jeep Wrangler and the Grand Cherokee to drive individually in order to be well acquainted with the rapturous SUV’s.

Stirring the Senses

From the dealership, all attendees and organisers convoyed with style to Limpopo, accompanied by a professional ever-present camera crew to capture the moments. What was quite evident about the excursion was that it was designed to seduce all the senses – touch: the drive was exhilarating; sight: the scenic route chosen; smell: the fresh fragrance of nature that rejuvenates your mind with every breath taken; sound: the melodic chirping of birds and the susurration of trees, not to mention the occasional rhino sounds spotted on the way to our destination. Lastly, our taste buds were enticed, and we will get into that shortly.

Our eventful convey led us to our destination, a breathtaking picturesque location called Lejwe La Metsi 5-star Resort in Bela Bela –  a tiny piece of heaven whose beauty is unparalleled anywhere in the world, according to its management and seconded by those who experience it. Our timing was perfect, we arrived as lunch was being served. The food was well prepared, accurately described as nothing short of a waltz with your taste buds.

Exhilarating drives

After Lunch was served, attendees embarked on a thrilling off-track adventure drive with the Jeeps. They were welcomed by a 4×4 instructor who showed them the off-track trail for a sunset drive on the challenging dirt road. The Jeep experience was awe-inspiring. What stood out was the way the cars offer the driver luxurious comfort whilst simultaneously giving a steady feeling of safety, and the way handling of the car is accommodative to the novice driver unfamiliar with a 4×4 drive. Once the adventure drive was concluded, attendees returned to Lejwe La Metsi where we would spend the night and begin the evening’s festivities. All attendees arrived looking debonair in their evening wear, for a well organised dinner which fittingly allows me to get back to the last tantalised sense of the experience: taste.

The ultimate whisky tasting experience

The introduction of the Chivas Ultis to the attendees was unreservedly majestic and resplendent. Before dinner, the Chivas team took us through a detailed historic background of Chivas in all its glory. Attendees were taken through a tasting experience of the vintage blends of Chivas whiskies from 5 different distilleries: Tormore, Longmorn, Strathisla, Allt A’bhainne and Braeval. What the tasting of these different blends did is give attendees a holistic experience of Chivas as a brand, and it dispelled the archaic belief that Chivas could only be enjoyed by a select few; Chivas is simply an excellent whisky that can be enjoyed by anyone. When it was time to introduce Chivas Ultis, it was presented in a v-shaped, LED lit, gold stand that illuminated the night and filled the entire atmosphere with wonder. Chivas Ultis is a world-renowned amalgamation of all five Chivas blends, combined to create a premium taste. We cannot wait to see what Chivas does next.