Of course we all want the latest in technology when it comes to mobile, but what about the aesthetics?

Well, LG has taken clever to the next level of beauty. They’re launching the G4 today and we got a sneak peek of this exquisite phone.

While every other smartphone on the market offers a similar flat look, the G4 provides something unique; a fashionable design that’s also at the cutting edge of smartphone hardware. The phone is dominated by its Slim Arc design, a slight curve that runs along both its body and crisp display.

“This may seem like a purely visual distinction,” says Deon Prinsloo, General Manager: LG Mobile South Africa, “but in actual fact we wanted the G4 to feel more organic than any smartphone before it, incorporating the user at every level, right down to the way it feels in your hand.”

Another feature on the phone that’s highly pragmatic is the curve design that makes it twenty percent more durable than any other phone when it’s dropped face down, something we’re all prone to do from time to time. The G4 also comes with a range of covers made from a variety of materials, including handcrafted leather, available in black, brown, red, sky blue, beige and yellow.

“We wanted to offer G4 users a device that could be tailored to their individual personalities and sense of style,” says Prinsloo, “but at the same time we wanted the products to reflect the change and growth that every user goes through over time, making each phone the reflection of its individual user.”

The full-grain leather covers are even environmentally friendly and easily recyclable, making them part of an advance in smartphone manufacturing that’s as much about function as it is form. And of course, if you prefer a sleeker or more classic look, the G4 is also available in artisan-forged Metallic Gray, Shiny Gold and Ceramic White with 3D patterns.

So, if you want high-tech and serious beauty, consider the new LG G4.