To be unapologetically yourself in a world that constantly shuns difference is the highest form of bravery. To venture into the unknown and own every platform you find yourself on is the very definition of courage. Thando Hopa is the ultimate personification of bravery and courage; she is the epitome of black excellence.

Growing up as a lily in a field of sunflowers, Hopa owns her uniqueness, embraces it and inspires everyone to define their own identity. Instead of succumbing to the societal notion of different being a bad thing, Hopa flipped the script and showed the world that different is the best thing to be.

As a lawyer, actress, model, activist and award-winner, Hopa defies all categories, labels, and expectations. Just when you think you can define her, she amazes by treading an unpredicted path. She is strong, fierce, bold and indescribable. She is a breathtakingly beautiful muse for local and international artists, a young flame blazing the trail in the fashion industry, and a hardworking activist who has dedicated her life to addressing the challenges faced by individuals with albinism. Her work in different spheres has gained her national and international acclaim. Hopa keeps pushing boundaries, exceeding expectations and proving that embracing your uniqueness is what leads to success.

Hopa is the perfect choice for the face of the #untaggable local story for the new Audi Q2 because she is the paragon of nonconformity and individuality. She is sexy, smart and #Untaggable. As Paul Sansom, head of Audi South Africa, has put it, “Thando is impossible to categorise. She is current, edgy and upscale, but refuses to fit the mould. Her inspiring life story and unique approach make her a perfect fit for the Audi Q2, a vehicle that refuses to be labelled.”

Hopa is the perfect embodiment of the new Audi Q2, which cannot be pigeonholed. Is it an SUV? Is it a large hatch? Is it a sports car? It’s many things at once and nothing that has ever been seen. A compact coupé-style SUV, the Audi Q2 is a masterpiece worthy of the name. It’s undefinable, incomparable and unconventional. Simply put, the Audi Q2 is #Untaggable; just like Hopa, it sets its own standard and exceeds it.

The Audi Q2 surpasses all expectations that one would have of an SUV. It oozes creativity, sportiness, and elegance. It is an everyday city car that offers the toughness for off-road adventures; a recreation vehicle with cutting-edge technology, infotainment, and connectivity.

The parallels between Hopa and the new Audi Q2 are indistinguishable – it’s all about rebelling against stereotypes and challenging the norm.  Thando Hopa and the Audi Q2 are in a league of their own; defining their own identity and shattering conventions.

Through this remarkable partnership with Hopa, Audi South Africa hopes to inspire people to embrace their individuality and to be confident whilst doing so. The Audi Q2 and the story of Thando Hopa portray the importance and benefits of being different in a world that forces us to conform.

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