Dickies Heritage Collection dresses a vintage type of man. Nothing pretentious here, just rich earth colours and deep denims. This is a work wear collection for the driven man, artisanal and artistic.

The running stitch is Real Simple. 100% cotton fabrics since 1922: Dickies guaranteed. Because the hardworking man deserves cool, comfort and appreciation on his back; something fit for the man and fit for the job.

Within the Dickies line lays a masterful stroke–a noteworthy wearability factor. Above and beyond any regular working day, Dickies comes in street-ready designs. The line is easily translatable when joining the ‘happy hour’ throngs, or the aboveground movement of Joburg Hip Hipsters.

This is where the spirited restaurateur will dress chefs and waiting staff in clean bold cuts and seamless earth tones. Where the engineer, the landscaper, and the mechanic will collectively find a fashion forward take on their high-intensity, adrenaline fuelled career paths. Dickies recognises that the real man’s grind is no walk in the park, and aim to provide a line of clothing that is tough, resilient, yet honours the look and  feel of the ‘man of the city’.

Not to be taken too grimly, Dickies is more human than superhuman, comfortable than futuristic, and durable as opposed to obtrusive. This is your everyman’s wear, only chicer and with a finer finish. The Dickies founders themselves hail from a ‘vehicle and harness’ business in Bryan, Texas. Verified alumni from the School of Hard-knocks, they know all about hard work; the blood, the sweat, and the tears.

All products with the Dickies name are made to be long-lasting, ensuring that customers will likely grow tired of a pair of sneakers before they wear them out. The cloth used to create Dickies clothing items is military-grade twill first produced in 1931. This explains the durability built into each of Dickies’ products. The fit is one other important attribute to the people at Dickies. The products are made for men and are trim through the midsection and contain a high armhole. The pants are full cut with generous seat room and hip allowance. Everything is designed around a day in the world of a working man.

South Africa welcomes a brand that is well thought out and balanced to service the needs of the man servicing his home and country. Dickies celebrates the man’s man.