May 2017 saw SA’s largest privately owned wine and spirit merchants, Edward Snell & Co., launch its latest product to market, Single Batch which is set to take its rightful place within the premium vodka space. Launched in a bold, contemporary new pack, alongside a strong communication strategy, Single Batch seeks to deliver a premium vodka with a real, meaningful intrinsic difference that is centred around liquid purity. Imported from the United States of America, Single Batch celebrates the sophistication and perfection that is achieved through simplicity.
“To achieve the ultimate purity, Single Batch is quadruple distilled using only the finest grain and natural water for exceptional liquid quality. Maintaining this purity and premium quality is of the utmost importance to ensure that every drop of this vodka is enjoyed at its absolute best,” explains Simone Burns, Brand Manager for Single Batch.
The Single Batch offering seeks to transcend the staid and expected norms within the category. The packaging, marketing activity and how the brand shows up in a social setting is expected to be disruptive.
In search of simplicity and perfection, the finest grain and natural water have created something truly special in our Single Batch offering. The brand is about using only what is essential and removing that which is not, to achieve the ultimate level of purity. This is the ethos around which Single Batch was born, and it has been created for those who recognise perfection is attained not when there is anything more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.
Single Batch joins Edward Snell & Co’s distinguished lineup of spirit brands from around the world, which has been enjoyed by South Africans since 1848.