Fiction – Lies & Filth is an independent menswear clothing brand based in Cape Town. Originally from Durban, owners Chris, Anton, and Neil focus on making quality garments which are released in limited quantities. All their products are locally made.

Our passion is to make real clothes for real people, clothes that we are happy to wear ourselves. We mainly take influences from the 50’s, 60’s and the 80’s; from sports, military, hip-hop culture, and workwear. We are really loving what is going on in menswear at the moment, there is a bit of everything for everyone. We have a whole host of style icons who are helping change the perception of what is okay for guys to wear and that is awesome. Guys are beginning to create their own unique styles as opposed to following the trends that are dictated to them. We wanted our brand name Fiction – Lies and Filth to be something that got people talking, was memorable and that allowed us to tell our story, but at the same time wasn’t too serious. A lot of people think that the ‘lies and filth’ sounds quite dark, however, it’s meant to be a playful thing. When a bunch of guys get together there is a whole lot of joking that goes down, this is what ‘lies and filth’ is to us. But naturally everybody has his or her own take on things, which is rad.

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