Just because you are a man, it does not mean you can’t invest in your appearance. In fact, men nowadays spend more time than generations before them on their appearance. Whether you wear prescription glasses of sunglasses, it won’t hurt to pick a frame that is both functional and stylish to complement your outfits and lifestyle.

“With the ever-widening choice of frames available today, it’s no longer a case of simply picking up a pair of glasses that kind of suit your face. With greater choice comes an opportunity to make a more discerning decision on eyewear that enhances your appearance as well as meets your lens prescription requirements and lifestyle,” says Ruahan Naude, CEO at Dynamic Vision.



“Your prescription lenses are the first and most important consideration when choosing frames. The stronger your prescription, the heavier your lenses will feel as the day wears on. You want your frames to adequately support your lenses and ensure optimal comfort. Your frames should fit properly not only to be comfortable but also to allow you to see through the lenses at the optical centre for optimal vision.”

Lenses can be made in aspheric or hi-index designs for more difficult prescriptions. These designs have a flatter curve and are slimmer, which makes it possible for someone with a strong prescription to choose from a larger selection of frames without worrying that the lenses are too thick and noticeable.

However, there are frames which are quite simply a no-no for certain lenses. For instance, thin or rimless frames may not be suitable for prescription lenses with powers less than +2.50 because the edge of the lens is the thinnest part and cannot be securely fitted into the frame.

Technicalities aside, eyewear should complement the wearer’s shape and the shade of their skin. Budget and fashion preferences will also be factors. Typically, the frame material, quality, and accents determine the price of the frame.


Tips based on the shape of your face

Oval – Choose frames that are as wide, or wider, than the broadest part of the face.

Oblong – Choose frames that have more depth than width, have decorative or contrasting temples that add width to the face, or a low bridge to shorten the nose. This will make an oblong face appear shorter and more balanced.

Square – Choose narrow frames that have more width than depth to make a square face appear longer and to soften angles.

Round – Try more angular styles and frames that have more width than depth to lengthen the face.

Base up triangle – Choose frames that are wider at the bottom and light in colour. Light materials, and even rimless styles, will help minimize the perception of width at the top of the face.

Base down triangle – Choose frames that are accentuated with colour or detailing on the top to create the perception of width at the top of the face.

Diamond – Choose frames that have detailing or distinctive brow lines, or try rimless frames or oval shapes.

When it comes to colour tones, skin hair and eyes fall into two categories; cool or warm. Cool tones have blue or pink undertones while warm tones have undertones of peach or yellow. Men with cool colour tones suit colours such as black, brown, blue-gray, jade, blue, and darker tortoise. Men with warmer colour tones should consider frames in colours like camel, khaki, gold, copper, coral, off-white, fire red and warm blue.

“With all things considered, you can whittle down your choices and make a decision based on which frames you like best. Your eyewear is an extension of you, your face and tells a story about who you are and what you like. So this is where choosing eyewear becomes fun. Look at your style and what is currently in fashion to make your choice, remembering however that there is a large gap in quality between luxury brands and cheaper makes. You want durability and reliability,” advises Ruahan.

Dynamic Vision Optometrists stock a wide variety of frames across different price categories. It is the only optometrist group in South Africa that stocks Arnette and Ralph – brands that have historically hit the spot for men.

For more information on how to pick the right frames and where you can get the perfect frames, visit www.dynamicvisionsa.co.za or check out Dynamicvisionsa Facebook.

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