Healthy Living Can Change A Life

The team over at Pop Up Gym are using their passion for a good cause by helping to keep young girls in school during their monthly cycle. 

Did you know: 

Girls in underprivileged communities can miss up to 50 days of school a year due to the lack of sanitary towels

All it costs to support 1 #GirlChild in school for 1 year is R360.

PopUpGym has joined forces with Nelson Mandela Square, Trek4Mandela and The Nelson Mandela Foundation to create awareness and raise funds for Caring4Girls

Caring4Girls is a sanitary towels distribution programme to keep young girls in school during their monthly cycles. The programmes focus on creating awareness on puberty and adolescent and in the process demystify all menstrual related myths.

It focuses on the following areas: education and training on puberty and menstrual hygiene management, handling, usage and disposal of sanitary towels in poor and rural schools or communities.

Come spend the morning with the BLQ Team and Pop Up Gym in the Nelson Mandela Square for two-hour workout where you will be giving back the dignity and pride of the #GirlChild. Let’s come together and each keep 1 #GirlChild in school for a year. All proceeds from this PopUpGym go to Caring4Girls.

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