The Tale of a Golden Cider

…So the pirates set sail on their next adventure, landing on the pristine and mysterious island of Barbados. As they surveyed the island, looking for treasure, they saw in the distance a golden light that blinded their eyes. One brave soul dared to walk towards the light, and there it was: the golden liquid. Parched from their journey, each pirate had a sip of the golden elixir and discovered a taste like none other. The pirates had found their treasure and would spend the rest of their lives protecting it from would-be thieves and pillaging scoundrels… This is the story of Savanna Blackbeard.

Whether you like your Savanna dark, light or dry, you will always get a refreshingly crisp taste. Now imagine that very same crisp taste with a hint of dark rum, oak wood and vanilla spice, and the mystery of the island of Barbados.

Savanna Blackbeard is pure gold in a bottle, so special that it can only be enjoyed by the chosen ones. A pirate’s treasure is now available for South Africans to enjoy. This golden liquid leaves a smooth, refreshing finish, a true reflection of a pirate’s adventurous and bold relish. Your summer braais will never be the same.

“This is another proud moment for the brand as we continue to push boundaries with innovative flavour profiles. We’re excited to have our consumers experience a bold new taste sensation. Consumers know with Savanna they can expect an unexpected twist, but we always keep our original base to stay true to this iconic South African brand” says Leanne Jones, Savanna SA marketing manager.

This new member of the Savanna family is now available at leading liquor outlets. Go on, bucko, unleash your inner pirate!

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