Holwer Loaded – The cashless way to pay!

We all know how packed events can get and there is always that fear that you will lose something valuable, your wallet perhaps, with all your money. And oftentimes, no money means very little fun. Well, Howler has developed an innovative solution that will certainly allay your fears. Howler Loaded is a cashless way to pay that makes life much easier, and safer, when you attend festivals and events. We had the privilege of trying it out at the 2017 Black Coffee Block Party. The results? Absolutely simple and hassle-free! It made it easier to focus on the event instead of worrying about keeping our money safe.

Howler Loaded is easy and convenient to use, and it is fast and effective. Create an account, load money onto your card and collect the card at the event.


Cashless payment is the future!

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