LISOF graduate and award-winning designer, Rich Mnisi, unites film with fashion in a lookbook showcasing his latest collection Xingelengele, which means bells or siren. The collection was inspired by the way people handle things. The idea was sparked by “Ngi’cela i’void”, which means “please void the transaction”; this is something the cashier at the supermarket says when you get to the till and decide that you no longer want to purchase an item. When this happens, the cashier at the till will yell, “Ngi’cela i’void”, and the manager will come rushing to the till to cancel or undo the transaction.

“It made me think of the idea of undoing, and if we had the opportunity to “cela i’void” whenever we changed our minds or wanted to undo something that had happened, how many of us would jump at the opportunity and how many times would we undo,” says Rich.

While there is little movement in the video, the pieces of this trans-seasonal collection, with their bold colours and rich textures, tell a dramatic tale.


Director: Ricardo Simal 
Videographer: Alistair Blair 
Hair & Make-up: Naveen Scello 
Film Assistants: Luke Houba, Jean-Pierre Whitfield & Jesse Navarre Vos 
Fashion Assistant: Gavin Collins 
Shoes: Converse 
Earrings: Githan Coopoo 
Location: Masiphumelele, Cape Town 
Models: Trish @ Pulse Model Management, Janessa @ Faith Model Management, Yannick Konan @ Boss Models, Selina Carvalho @ Fusion Model Management, Johannes Westerveld @ 3D Models & Rachid Poati @ D&A Model Management