Drinking is more than just a means to quench your thirst and get the party started; it is an experience that involves creating memories for you, your friends and your palate. Do you share this sentiment? If you do, then the Cocktail Club is definitely for you! Union Bar is back in Jozi and has collaborated with J&B to bring you another innovation in mixology.

Mix Your Way to an Exclusive Coterie

The Cocktail Club brings together people who enjoy making cocktails just as much as they enjoy drinking them. It is an exclusive club for cocktail connoisseurs, and those for whom mixing is a science and the bar a lab.

If you fancy yourself a master of mixing tantalising cocktails that are more masterpieces than they are beverages, the time has come for you to put your mojo-mixing skills to the test. Every Thursday night, hopefuls such as yourself will gather at Union Bar, at the Norman Goodfellows Dispatch Warehouse in Illovo, to compete for a coveted spot in the Cocktail Club.

All you have to do is bring your cocktail recipe and make sure that it includes J&B Rare Scotch Whisky. A panel of world-class mixologists will decide whether you have what it takes to join the exclusive Cocktail Club. If your recipe wins, your cocktail will be added to the menu and you will be invited to every Union Bar official launch, wherever they may pop up next, for the next year!

You can only enter one cocktail per Thursday night and you only have ten chances to prove your skills as an aspiring mixologist.




For more information, or to make a reservation and get on the guest list, please visit www.theunionbar.co.za or follow them on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

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