On the 30th of September 2017 at Open in Maboneng, Night In The Garden will team up with the talented Umuzi recruits to present their 5th social fashion and art exhibition titled “Utamaduni”, a term which means culture in Swahili. Since we are celebrating heritage month, you can expect to be taken through a thought-provoking and reimagined journey of what heritage is all about.

Heritage Day in South Africa is a day to celebrate our unique and diverse cultures which include practices and customs that have been passed down from generations to generations. With a variety of cultures and sub-cultures, one can only imagine what personal story each of us has to tell, taking into account the cultures that we have been exposed to, not only in our homes but in society as a whole.

Night In The Garden’s social exhibition is a creative blend of innovative art and fashion brought together by cocktails and music. This particular installation will be nothing short of interesting and thought-provoking. Each exhibitor has been tasked with telling their own personal story by taking inspiration from the theme of the exhibition and reinterpreting what heritage means to them. It’s about where you come from and how it has shaped you today as an individual. And It is through this exhibition, together with the exhibitors that we can celebrate and interpret our own personal stories as we see and understand them.

Each Night In The Garden exhibition is unique and offers its own personality, however, one thing that will never change is the aim of the exhibition. Night In The Garden will always aim to promote and support Johannesburg’s best up and coming fashion brands and visual artists by bringing them into one creative space which allows the artists to interact with their followers and network with a new and untapped market.

Tickets will be sold at the door for just R70 and for all the latest updates follow Night In The Garden on social media: IG: nightinthegarden / TW: @NITG_Exhibition / FB: @NITGexhibition.