Monwabisi Thethe

This is our war to fight…

  • We buy clothes on credit
  • We buy food on credit
  • We buy furniture and all electronics devices, kitchen cutlery/pots on credit
  • We drive cars we owe
  • We live in houses we owe
  • We are basically and literally living on borrowed time and lives

Operation kill the enemy called Credit…

Youth unemployment in South Africa is the third highest in the world, after Greece and Spain. About 71% of all unemployed South Africans are between the ages of 15 to 29. Most of them are women, the majority of which have never had a job in their lives.

Industrialists like ourselves MUST solve this problem and not just talk about it. ONLY through Innovation can we begin to tackle this issue.

Samsung Mixed Talents campaign pairs two people from different areas (Carol Koffman and Jonathan Liebmann) to find an innovative solution (during a series of workshops throughout October/November), incorporating Samsung products, to address the issue of youth unemployment.

They will do this by creating a solution that will assist millennials in realising their dreams and finding opportunities.

I love this campaign because it is about bringing people together and trying to find solutions to a problem. It is time for less talk and more action.

Rise Africa, Rise…

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