If you are an avid online shopper, you are probably familiar with Spree –  one of South Africa’s biggest online fashion one-stop shops, offering fashion from the best local and international brands and catering to women, men and children. Spree has dedicated itself to giving consumers what they want and need while keeping up with the latest trends. The online store has added a sneaker section to their platform – The Index – exposing consumers to the ever-growing sneaker and streetwear culture.

 A Growing Culture

What was once an exclusive street culture privy only to creatives, the sneaker industry has grown into a mass consumer movement. According to a 2017 report released by the Transparency Market Research, the global footwear market is expected to amass $220 billion in revenue with an output of 11 million units by 2020. With such stats, it is plain to see that the sneaker industry is an unstoppable force combining history, technology, celebrity, retail, design and business into one subject and one culture.

The Index

Spree has committed itself to understanding consumer markets and delivering based on their insights. The Index was developed based on the consumers’ hunger for fashion that is a form of creative expression. Streetwear has become increasingly popular and it was important for Spree to jump on this wave and give consumers what they want. “Streetwear is no longer a subculture; sneakers are for everyone and the rise in popularity was impossible for us to ignore,” says Kim Hawkins, Head of Brand Marketing for Spree. Regardless of your age or gender, you will find something that suits your personality and style on The Index.

The Index is an online sneaker and streetwear destination for men and women. What you can expect to find are sneakers, accessories and clothing from leading global brands such as Adidas, Puma, Reebok, Converse, Fila, Vans and New Balance.

Involve yourself in the movement. Visit The Index site to see the latest streetwear trends and get yourself a cool pair of sneaks.