“It’s about creating something that’s right for now, that we can incorporate into our lives.”

Nic Galway, adidas creative director and VP of Global Designs

adidas NMD are Wa-ay Up, and have the masses fashion antenna’s buzzing. The NMD equals clean sleek style, edge, and sexy swag. It is a culmination of the best in adidas past and present, it is innovation with a street-ready design. These are the shoes that can take you places. Whether it’s Fashion Week or one of the exclusive parties raging this summer, if you’re wearing NMD – the world is at your feet.


The NMD blends technical running elements within a lifestyle product. This one is for the modern nomadic traveller demanding to look good and feel comfortable on the streets, in the boardroom and on the runway. Creatives, DJ’s at the turn tables, Artists, Photographers, basically everyone who is moving and shaking in the social scene is offering a salute towards Adidas NMD. These young influencers are creating a sort of ‘evolutionary clique’- the Generation NMD. Thus the German brand charges into a BLQ_adidas-nmd-aug-event-15sept_005dominant position in youth culture.

It’s a good time. Vibrant, fresh, carefree. This is the point of view of the reigning generation. They’re cool and they know it. It’s all about keeping things simple – functional; but you know and they know that they are the best thing out there. Obviously this statement applies to Jozi’s suave youth. BUT the NMD coined it first.

The man behind the design of the NMD, creative director Nic Galway expands, “You know it’s Adidas and you don’t have to see the stripes. It’s Adidas in its heart. That was the challenge.” Perhaps also the reason why the youth following for the NMD is tremendous. Youth culture is passionate, creative, and demanding excellence – and has lots of heart.

The main fact is that the NMD’s are super comfortable, thanks to a perfect mix of materials and high-quality workmanship. Following that with a new tech system is the icing on the cake and its very trend-setting.

Without a doubt one of the best integrated products on the market. The NMD is something familiar, but completely new. It works because the youth have been anxious to see a new product that makes sense.


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