Words: Wendy Robinson

Ford Figo 2015

Ford have just released the all new Figo in the sub B segment. The Figo was first launched in 2010 with a facelift in 2013. Somehow, it always semed to be positioned as the baby sibling of the Ford Fiesta.

Now in 2015, Ford has given the Figo a whole new design language and DNA of its own.

Design was central to the new model, followed by quality, styling, technology , innovation, saftey, fuel efficiency and cost of ownership.

The new model is available in both a hatch and sedan varients with a pretty powerful 1.5l engine offering loads of torque.

The hatch is targeting the 55% female and 45% male market. Looking at the fairly young, the hatch would be most desired by students and first time job seekers who would be looking at a safe, economic and affordable means of transport. The new Figo certainly offers great value for money.

The Sedan targets a 50/50 male and female split looking at young families or in my mind, an older, retired couple.

The 2015 Figo design is sleek and aerodynamic to lessen drag coefficiency and increase fuel economy. Stylish chrome detailing and long sweeping headlights coming through from the Fiesta personality.

This new model comes in three new varients;

At the top of the range is the Titanium followed by the Trend and then the Ambiente. Plus, there are options of Diesel, Petrol, manual and auto.


Power Train

The petrol version offers a power train offers a fantastic 82kW engine pumping out 136Nm of torque. The fuel economy is seriously impressive and key for the tarket market at just 5.9l / 100km.

The refined TDCi diesel engine ( my personal favourite ) delivers 74 kW with an amazing 4.1l / 100km.

The all-new FIGO’s PowerShift automatic transmission gives you the fuel-efficiency of a manual transmission with the ease of an automatic. It uses a dual-clutch shifting system designed for smooth gear changes and superior fuel-efficiency. On the launch I found the autobox does tend to want to hunt for 2nd and 3rd gear at lower mileage, but once travelling over 80km/hr the box is pretty seamless.



Safety is key for this Marque’s new Figo and includes;

  • 6 airbags
  • Drive-away locking mechanism
  • Perimeter alarm
  • Hill launch-assist
  • ESP
  • ABS
  • High-stress steel cage
  • Tinted windows
  • immobiliser



Depending on which of the 3 varients you are experiencing, there is definitley a feeling of spaciousness and comfort. New features within the range include a brilliant concept called SYNC. This system allows one to pair a Bluetooth-enabled phone, use text-to-speech technology and play music. All this just using your voice! I found it easy to set up and manage and it’s an incredibly safe way to connect considering the age of this market and how much they rely on their mobile phones.

Another innovitive concept is the MyFord Dock. Situated unobtrusively on the dash the dock allows you to store, mount and charge your phone, MP3 Player or SATNAV system.

There is also a snazzy little tray with a rubber mat to store your phone or sunglasses on.

In the Sedan version, there is a bin for 2nd row passengers and seat back pockets.

And my personal favourite in the boot, hooks for bags! No more goods strewn all over the place when you arrive at your destination.



Ford Figo

Impressive and exciting ride with great handling plus pizzaz. I certainly prefer the sporty look of the hatch, diesel as my first choice, but if you are into more boot space then the sedan would be the way to go. Really worth a look at as a great value for money deal.

Compare with the Polo Vivo, Toyota Etios and Renault Sandero.