Tullamore is a legendary triple distilled whiskey with a rich history and a distinct savour. BLQ sat down with Tullamore’s global brand ambassador, John Quinn, to gain insight into what makes this whiskey the fine eau de vie that it is.

BLQ: Can you tell us about the story of Tullamore?

JQ: The distillery was founded in 1829. In 1873, Daniel Edmund Williams started working there. He eventually bought the distillery and put his initials on the brand – the rest is an ongoing historical and futuristic story of success.

BLQ: What are some of the best pairings of the year?

JQ: You can pair smoked salmon or sushi/sashimi with the TD Original, rare beef with the 12-year-old Tullamore, and dessert with the 15-year-old. Cheese is great with the 14-year-old single malt.

The beauty of the blend in all of us is aligned very well to Tullamore DEW.

BLQ: For South Africa’s summer season, can you share some cocktails for the heat?

JQ: I love a TD with ice in a tall glass, topped off with freshly squeezed apple Juice – this is so refreshing. Sometimes I add a few drops of Angostura bitters – this takes it to another level. It’s still fantastic though, even without the bitters. 

BLQ: Which out of the range is the best for the more discerned drinker?

JQ: If you already know the TD Original then all the aged blends, such as the 12 and 15-year-olds, are amazing. If someone wants to go for a traditional single malt, then the 14-year-old stands out for sure.


BLQ: Can you tell us about the beauty of the blend?

JQ: The whiskey in the bottle inspired this campaign. In Tullamore DEW, we have a unique blend of 3 types of whiskey: Single Grain, Single Malt and Single Pot Still. All of these whiskeys are triple distilled and they are matured in a combination of 3 different cask types, Ex-Bourbon, Ex Irish Whiskey and Ex-Sherry. So this is a beautiful and inimitable blend. We call it the Power of 3. Of course, a blend is not unique to whiskey as all of us are a blend of our parents and their parents. The beauty of the blend in all of us is aligned very well to Tullamore DEW.