The world is such a big and wonderful place with so many beautiful corners of idyllic splendid. Whether you visit a different city in your home country or travel abroad, the experience will invariably be enriching, exposing you to different and fascinating ways of living that will help you grow as a person and have a greater appreciation for other cultures, spaces and places. To kick off our travel series, we have put together a few benefits of travelling. 



Travelling improves your health

Visiting a new place can have a powerful and positive impact on your physical and mental wellbeing. It is the perfect way to take a break from the stresses and responsibilities of our everyday lives, which tend to be overwhelming. Regarding physical health, travelling helps in that you have to walk from place to place, discovering what a new city has to offer. The walking around not only enriches your mind but it is also a great form of exercises. An example of this is walking up the Great Wall of China or hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro. Besides being good for your body, travelling is also soul food and it is good for your mind. The glorious vistas that you get to see have restorative and healing power; not only do the views soothe your soul and calm your mind, but they also remind you that, amidst all the tragedy, there is so much beauty in the world for you to revel in and enjoy. Travelling will put things into perspective and you'll see that things aren't so bad after all. 


Travelling will broaden your scope

We get so caught up in our quotidian struggles and immediate environment and this often leads to us having a myopic view of life and the world around us. When you travel to another country, you get exposed to different cultures, values and ways of being. This experience opens up your mind and broadens your perspective. By interacting with people who have a different mindset than yours, you become a person who can relate easily with people from different cultures. You will start to approach conversations differently as you will take a more nuanced approach. Moreover, you will give people a chance to voice their opinions because you now understand that everyone has something valuable to add to a conversation. The way you think about people and places will be transformed as your mind is renewed by the new experience. 



Travelling will make you smarter

When you visit a new country, you have to learn the local language so that you can find your way around. Learning a new language is a valuable skill that you can add to your capabilities and it expands your brain's capacity. In addition to learning a new language, you get to learn about the history, literature and music of a place. Essentially, travelling will make you a more knowledgeable person and a great conversationalist who knows interesting facts about different places and people. Furthermore, since you will be in a new place, you'll have to learn to find your way through spaces that are completely foreign to you; you'll learn how to think on your feet and navigate a completely new environment, which is a valuable skill to have in these ever-changing times that we live in – you have to be able to adapt to change and new circumstances. 

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