In this day and age where productivity and “team no sleep” have become our gods, it’s important to take time to relax. If you don't invest in downtime, you risk going through burnout and a nervous breakdown. The great thing about living in a tech era is that there is an app for everything. These five apps will help you maintain a relaxed state of mind and function optimally.



Bliss is an app that reminds you to be grateful for all the beauty in your life. It uses positive psychology to keep you in an attitude of gratitude without minimising your stresses. The app gives you daily prompts to help you pause and reflect on what is good in your life. Bliss is aimed at giving you perspective and it helps you remember that it isn't all doom and gloom. 



This app made it to the Google Play's Editor's Choice list for 2018. Calm features a variety of sounds and soothing music that will help you relax, meditate and sleep. The app is predicated on the practice of mindfulness; it teaches you to be still and focus on the moment by helping you to master the life-changing skill of meditation. 


Sleep Cycle

Sleep hygiene is very important for your mental health. It's very difficult to maintain inner peace and a relaxed state of mind if you are not getting the restorative rest your mind and body need. Sleep Cycle is a great app aimed at helping you adopt a regular sleep cycle. A well-rested mind is a relaxed mind. 


7 Cups

Everyone should see a therapist at least twice a year, but not everyone can afford it. 7 Cups offers a free platform for you to be vulnerable. While it can never replace the experience of one-on-one therapy, the app creates a safe online space for catharsis, which will help you de-stress. 7 Cups gives you access to trained therapists; it's free and anonymous, and you can create your own schedule. You have a whole database of therapists to choose from, and you can see their profiles and experience, which will help you make an informed choice. 


Worry Watch

The best way to manage your stress and anxiety is to be aware of your triggers. Once you are aware of your triggers, you can plan how to work through re-occurring stressful situations. Worry Watch helps you keep track of your anxieties, what triggers them and helps you finds ways of changing how you process stressors.

The first four apps are available on the iPhone App Store and the Google Play Store. Worry Watch is currently only available on the App Store. 

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