If you are looking for a healthier alternative to smoking, with a touch of elegance, Twisp has the perfect e-cigarettes for you. This is next level vaping; turning a habit into a lifestyle of sophistication and style.

Twisp is a trendsetting brand that is elevating the vaping experience. Their devices are technological advancements in the vaping world. Products such as the Twisp Cue and the Clearo 2 make Twisp the biggest vape brand in South Africa.

Cue the Good Life

The Twisp Cue is an ultra-portable and simple-to-use vape machine. All you have to do is click in your Cue Pod and let the twisping begin. This is your Cue to experience the future of vaping. One that tastes, smells and feels better.

Not only is it a refreshing experience, it is also convenient. The Cue Starter Kit contains a Cue battery, 3 Cue flavour pods, and a USB charging cable. Everything you need to have the ultimate vaping experience.

The One and Only Clearo 2

Meet the successor to the legendary Clearo – the Clearo 2. Based on thorough research and development, the Clearo2 features a new finely tuned, bottom coil design that greatly improves performance while delivering that characteristic smooth rich ?avour of the original Clearo. It’s a more advanced offering with innovative features such as the Smart Button.

For more information on these incredible devices and more, visit www.twisp.co.za.

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