This year, Zando will add a city slick vibe to autumn with their new collection, which was launched in March.

This collection has been tailor-made for the modern and chic individual who embraces the urban aesthetic.  To help you express your personal style while keeping up with what’s happening, Zando’s Autumn 2017 collection incorporates 4 unique trends that, according to Michele Keytel, Head of Purchasing at, “ showcase complete opposites, from the Dark mood of smoking hot velvets and suedes to a Goth flair colliding with sportswear with a then lighter, more feminine workwear slant.”

Daily Grind

Here is an interesting take on minimalism. While each piece is simple, there is an intricacy in the design that brings something fresh and classic to the aesthetic. Each item of clothing is quick and easy to assemble; wrap it, fasten it, loop it and go about your day.


Time to give expression to your inner rebel with. This collection fuses the gothic with sports and the streets. The monochromatic style of the collection is elevated by the boldness of the punk flair of biker jackets and leatherette skinnies.  

Urban Explorer

Step out into the streets this autumn with military-inspired athletic leisurewear that oozes comfort and style. Key pieces in this collection include bomber jackets, knitted jerseys, and edgy sneakers.



The Renaissance look blends the softness of velvet with the depth of distinctive colours. The fearless experimentation with different textures and shapes is what brings this collection to life.

Each trend offers something unique for both men and women.