Mami Wata is bringing an African twist to the Western practice of surfing. As Africa’s first great surf brand, they are reaching people far and wide around the globe.

Based in Cape Town, Mami Wata embodies the spirit of Africa; their name means “Mother Ocean” in West African pidgin. As an authentically African brand, their focus is on celebrating the continent and creating opportunities for young African surfers.

Mami Wata has collaborated with Waves for Change, an award-winning African surf therapy programme, to empower the next generation of African surfers. Mami Wata and Waves for Change share the belief that the ocean heals and changes one in mysterious ways. With their main pillars being Africa, Surf, Nature and Design, Mami Wata has decided to venture up North to make a sustainable difference in Libera.





In August, Mami Wata launched a kick-starter campaign to raise funds for building a beach clubhouse for the children in Liberia. The clubhouse will act as ground-zero for the team at Waves For Change to help educate and coach the youth of Liberia. In turn, the children grow, build mental and physical strength, learn basic life skills and develop their lives through surfing. People can contribute to the campaign by going online and purchasing items from the Mami Wata LTD Libera collection. All the items are locally sourced. 100% of the proceeds from the sales go straight to building the clubhouse. An incredible and bespoke board bag from a collaboration between Mami Wata and Missibaba collaboration will also be available.

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