South Africa’s township economy has always been alive with many possibilities and entrepreneurial energy. A majority of the country’s population resides in the township and it is largely made up of young people, which means there is much potential—this potential needs to be developed and harnessed. Bulelani is one of the South Africans who appreciate the great potential of young people in South Africa townships and has gone to great lengths to develop entrepreneurship in the townships.

Bulelani is a seasoned businessman and motivational speaker who is passionate about empowering young people. Through thought-provoking engagement, he works hard to equip people with the skills they need to pursue their dreams, increase productivity and Get Things Done—his personal motto. 


The work that Bulelani does in youth and entrepreneurship development, and his passion for the development of township entrepreneurs, has opened him up to partnerships with government and corporate South Africa. These partnerships serve to drive market access opportunities, leadership and personal development for the youth and entrepreneurs.

In an effort to empower township entrepreneurs and accelerate the growth of their businesses, Bulelani founded Township Entrepreneurs Alliance (TEA) in 2015. The Alliance exists to provide learning platforms that assist in the development of the entrepreneurs; it has directly impacted over 6000 entrepreneurs and 20 000 high school students in various townships. TEA brings together government and corporate SA to participate in the development of entrepreneurs through skills, mentorship, enterprise development & market access opportunities.

Bulelani is a man of many talents; he is also a professional speaker who speaks on entrepreneurship, branding, and inspiration. He is constantly featured on media and other platforms, where he gives thought leadership. One of his recent achievements has been his appointment as a National Development Plan (NDP) 2030 ambassador. With individuals such as Bulelani at the helm of entrepreneurship development, the economy of SA is bound to go from strength to strength.


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