From 28 September – 3 October 2021, Chef Vusi Ndlovu of EDGE in Franschhoek was in residency at FARMHOUSE 58. He created a bespoke a la carte food offering, available only during his exclusive residency.
In line with the overall food ethos currently under development by project58, a core component is the hosting Chefs-in-Residence, which aims to allow chefs and culinary contributors from all over the country and world to explore and share their craft with the 58 community.
Chef Vusi as the inaugural Chef-in-Residence, presented epicurean enthusiasts with an exciting opportunity to learn, experience and taste his holistic celebration of Africa, with a focus on under-utilised ingredients, innovative techniques, and recipes passed down through generations.

His menu featured indigenous ingredients sourced from local markets, traditional artisans, and the farm on the premises. The menu evoked a strong sense of community and tradition, reminiscent of African storytelling around the fire, where the focus is on cooking over flames.

Chef Vusi

” I have noticed that many people we have run into have said that they have had their best meals in Ethiopia, Senegal, Morocco and we do understand that some of the dishes can be challenging to approach but we’ve seen that if we shape them in a familiar manner people react very well to them. I feel that Africans should be more patriotic about their food so the world at large can see what we see in our food.
We don’t need special awards for African cuisine, we just need patrons to be more open-minded when they try our food and hold African cuisine in the same high regard as they do other popular cuisines. The techniques and the philosophies around African cuisine are just as complex as European and Asian cuisine and we as Africans need to celebrate this more. We shouldn’t wait for the world to celebrate us, we should celebrate us first and the food will speak for itself.” – Vusi Ndlovu
The goal of the residency is to learn about and comprehend each Chef’s approach, as well as to encourage deeper dialogues that go beyond food. Guests are encouraged to participate, indulge and connect with this experience at their leisure.

These sessions include in-depth discussions with the chef about his craft and technique, as well as his sources of inspiration and overall philosophy. Guests will be able to join the chef in the kitchen and assist him in the preparation of their evening meal, a truly immersive dining and learning exchange.

A retreat took place over the weekend to bring the residency to a close from Friday 1 October – Sunday 3 October and was open to the public. The retreat included Chef Vusi’s workshops, as well as 58’s other core programs, such as daily yoga, meditation, hikes, and breathwork.


All bookings during the residency period are for rooms only and meals will be selected off the a la carte menu. All residency details and information can be found and booked through FARMHOUSE, here.
All details for Chef Vusi’s Residency, retreats, menus and accommodation options can be found here.

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