Scotty Wang is an influential speaker and writer whose focus is on the discourse concerning societal ills perpetrated and perpetuated by men. He uses his social media platforms to initiate these important conversations, with the hope that they will incite men to reflect on their own toxic behaviours, change their ways, and call their brothers and friends out when they act and speak in ways that are problematic.

In addition to using social media to drive important conversations, Scotty hosts regular Coffee Meets and Conversational Hikes, at which he facilitates open dialogue. Another platform for critical engagement is his latest book Finding Makoti, which was launched last night at Skoobs Theatre of Books in Montecasino.


Finding Makoti is a journey of self-discovery that led to Scotty using his personal experiences to redefine manhood. In it, he explores two questions: who stole marriage from us millennials? And how have women defined themselves?

The book starts with a walk into Genesis then through to Revelations and finally concludes in Proverbs. The journey shares archived poems to an unknown future wife, letters and notes to exes. It reveals a man's perspective of love, heartbreak, dating, and marriage.

Finding Makoti was published by Publishers Africa; it is the first book to be published under the company.   

For more information on Finding Makoti, head on over to social media:

Facebook: Finding Makoti

• Instagram: FindingMakoti


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