Bantu Hour on SABC2

It’s time for a new comedy show on SABC TV. Actually, it’s time for a good local comedy show on TV. In fact, it’s time for television to showcase the talent we have, and not wait for comedians to host shows on American networks in order to be celebrated. Sure, Trevor has done us proud, but we have more to be proud of in our back yards.

That time has come, and we have a new comedy sketch and variety show that promises to be the answer. Hosted by comedian Kagiso Lediga and featuring the home grown internationally acclaimed musician Hugh Masekela as the house bandleader and co-host, THE BANTU HOUR will star some of the most progressive local comedians and actors. It promises 48-minutes of unadulterated social satire featuring archetypal South African characters.

Similar to the SNL format, the show will host a celebrity guest, a stand-up comedian and a musical performance to close the show but these elements will not necessarily always be presented according to convention.

“When we came with this concept, this really brought memories of days when we used to do the Pure Monate Show back then. The comedy features a myriad of comedians, so viewers are in for a treat. The inclusion and working with Bra Hugh was a dream come true for me. I have learnt so much from him and it is indeed an honour” said Kagiso.

THE BANTU HOUR is outside of the SA TV box. I think everyone needs a real laugh, not a sitcom laugh, on this show it’s real laughs…” Says Hugh Masekela. “It’s a funny show, Kagiso is so funny and so are the sketches. I also enjoy it because I’m working with a great band and musical director Mpho Pholo AKA 37mph. During the show I just bounce off Kagiso, I interrupt and disrupt and tell old stupid stories that people seem to think are funny.” He adds “All our guests have been outstanding ,  and I get to collaborate on stage with wonderful musicians and singers , I get to learn their songs and play with them…”


From what BLQ has seen so far, it looks like it’s time again to laugh with the SABC. Slick production values and comedy that crosses demographic lines means this promises satire at its best.




THE BANTU HOUR starts Saturday, 07th November 2015 on SABC2 at 21h00.Presented by Kagiso Lediga with co-host and bandleader Hugh Masekela.