27 September 2019


An ode to heritage month – Heritage essentially underpins one’s identity. But it is also fluid and evolves as people and technology transform. South Africa’s musical heritage reflects this perfectly with new and old coming together to pay homage while simultaneously paving the way for an exciting and visionary future. 


‘’Heritage is therefore something quite personal and changes from person to person. ‘’



Musical heritage

de to heritage month – The musical landscape of this country is as rich as the colourful people of this country. South Africa is acclaimed for its musicians, some who have played pivotal roles during a darker period of apartheid, such as the late Miriam Makeba. Music has always been more than just music. It is a way of life. A manner of being.


Some popular musical genres to come out of South Africa include;

  • Kwaito

  • Bubblegum pop

  • Maskandi

  • Mbaqanga

  • Traditional folklore 


Old school meeting new school

For instance, young Kwa-Zulu Natal born artist who is dubbed as the ‘next generation of streaming artists’; Muzi, meshes traditional musical elements and influences into his sound like Maskandi, Kwaito, Isicathamiya and South African Bubblegum Pop of the 80s and 90s. With titles such as ‘King Shaka’s Symphony’ in his upcoming album set for global release early October; #ZENO is an example of the new school paying homage to the old school and their cultural origins.

The 90s’ gave us Kwaito, the digital 2000s’ give us musical infusion of many kinds like those of Muzi and other new generation artists. 


An Ode to Heritage Month: New and old sounds of SA


Gqom, the sound of today

Gqom; ’iGqomu’ is a cultural sound wave that has transcended South African borders. For instance, In November 2018, BBC News Africa spoke about the global proliferation of this unique, buzzing genre.


Amapiano, soundwaves of dance

With catchy, relatable lyrics like ‘’shesha, geza’’ Amapiano also referred to as ‘yanos, fuels you with the spirit of get down and dance. This genre is a hot competitor for gqom music, and has garnered mass loyalty on the dancefloors nationwide.


Music of the South

Boasting, mountains, coastlines, the people of this country are a wonder, and their creativity is unique and innovative. We are immersed in a kaleidoscope of different cultural systems and values. Our musical prowess reflects this rich diversity. We sound different.

From the yesteryear marabi sounds, to today’s cool hip hop and ‘yanos among others. We come together, dance and appreciate one another’s uniqueness. One may say, we have a heritage of cool in these parts of the world. Would you agree ?


An Ode to Heritage Month: New and old sounds of SA

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