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Puma Select Studios held their first-ever fashion jam recently, at the Dasslers coffee meeting spot in Braamfontein. BLQ was there to immerse itself in young, bright talent. 

Fashion Jam, Investing in Urban Culture

Puma Select is dedicated to urban culture – a brand that strives to connect with its core audience. In pursuance of this, they hold frequent select sessions where urbanites meet up. The business of fashion goes beyond lovely gowns and fancy covers, it entails workmanship, craftsmanship, skill and significantly mentoring, inter alia.

‘’We’re gonna meet up, collaborate, design, cut, make, trim and produce some one-of-a-kind garments, all in one day’’

Puma Select

Accomplished designer, stylist, artist and founder of lifestyle brand Loin, Cloth & Ashes Anisa Mpungwe offered the design participants, students and novices the design brief for the day.  As well as intermittent advice throughout the sewing session. Anisa, a recipient of the 2013 ‘Emerging Designer of the Year Africa’ accolade, shared her thoughts with us and emphasised her love and burning passion for the fashion and textile industry in Africa. ‘‘I found a home in fashion’’ she expressed with conviction. As she continued to assist participants with practical design queries as they came. 

‘’I found a home in fashion’’ 

Anisa Mpungwe (Founder, Loin Cloth & Ashes)

Industrial Singer and Empisal sewing machines, measuring tapes and safety pins, scissors, patterns and copious amounts of coffee and replenishing tea were the order of the day. Some students from as far as Pretoria, trekked to Johannesburg fresh in the morning to partake in the fashion day. 

The participants were paired up with fellow designers they had just met. Adding to the adventure and newness of the day. This simulated real-life situations where you have to work with different people and teams, on a time-sensitive brief for clients. This created the perfect opportunity for learning-by-doing. 

The day was facilitated by the ‘Deputy Secretary-General Manager’ of Braamfontein, Mpumi ‘Frypan’ Mfula, who was kitted out in Puma threads. Mfula has been engaged in the Braamfontein arts, crafts and creative scene for several years. For him, it is fundamental that young talent has access to opportunities and robust mentoring to accelerate them into new frontiers. 

Matt Suttner of Dasslers also threw in a word of encouragement to the attendees, Dasslers is committed to fostering a relationship with the youth and emerging talent. 

Fashion jam - Puma Select

Special Highlights from the Day

The young designers displayed cool, fresh style – the kind that inspires one to go out and achieve childhood dreams. One cannot help but respect the craft. Which is something Puma is ardently committed to. Their previous select session focused on the Business of Fashion, featuring a panel of industry stakeholders. Yasmin Furmie, Rich Mnisi and Kgomotso ‘Kiggy’ Kholane shared their select stories.

We headed out of the session feeling satiated and encouraged to excel. What a jam. View exclusive footage of how the day went down. #BLQFashion 

Fashion Jam - Puma Select Grooms Emerging Design Talent
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