Karabo Maila is a self-taught photographer from who uses photography as a tool for activism.  Her most recent series was inspired by her friend’s love interest – a man living with albinism. There is a lot of stigma and many myths surrounding albinism in South Africa and Africa at large.

In an effort to destigmatise albinism and portray the beauty of this “forbidden love affair”, Karabo enlisted the assistance of poet Boitumelo “Gadaffi” Maiganya and radio personality Kulie Hobyane.

Her project is called Milk X Coffee and was shot in Limpopo, where she is from.

“When we started out, the story was purely formed around shades of black. But for me, as the artist, it was more than that. It was about celebrating the colour of our skin despite the stark differences.”

According to Karabo, her friend turned down the love of her life because of the stigma; she turned down the man of her dreams because albinism is misunderstood in her community.

“I wanted her to imagine how it would have been. It would have been a beautiful sight to see them together… imagine if we could all love men and women living with Albinism fearlessly… without prejudice.”

As a photographer, Karabo’s goal is to produce art that encourages inclusivity in society.


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