Coffee is a common pick-me-up beverage that is enjoyed differently in different parts of the world. The various ways of preparing a fine brew are just as arrayed as the different cultures of the world. If you are a coffee lover, these coffee blends might just make you want to travel to different parts of the world to discover new ways of enjoying coffee. 



There are three types of coffees that are popular in Morocco: Café Noir, Nous Nous and Moroccan spiced coffee. Café Noir is a small cup of espresso that is mostly consumed by men. Nous nous is a blend made up of half coffee and half milk, and it mostly enjoyed by women. Another popular type of coffee in Morocco is Moroccan spiced coffee, which consists of aromatic spices and dark coffee—it’s mostly prepared and enjoyed at home.





Türk Kahvesi is a popular coffee in Turkey. It is made from finely ground coffee beans, which are left to simmer in a cezve (a special copper pot). What distinguishes the Türk Kahvesi from most coffees is the fact that is it prepared without a filter, which means it is consumed with the grounds.



Cà phê ?á is a Vietnamese iced coffee that is known and loved for being a blend of very sweet and very strong. It is made from a mix of ground dark roast coffee and condensed milk. A French drip filter is used to ice the coffee.





Ethiopia is renowned for being the native home of coffee, particularly Arabica coffee, which is believed to be the first coffee ever to have been cultivated. A common saying in Ethiopia is “Buno dabo naw,” which means “coffee is our bread.”  In Ethiopia, coffee plays an important role not only socially but economically as well. An essential part of the coffee culture in Ethiopia is the coffee ceremony, which entails roasting coffee beans and preparing boiled coffee in a vessel. There are many variants of Ethiopian coffee; the most popular is a coffee mix to which cardamom, cinnamon and cloves are added.




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