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Pitti Uomo 97.

Gelato, vino, pasta and impeccably well-dressed men – what more can one ask for at a legacy trade show?

Held twice yearly with Fortezza da Basso, Florence as it’s location, Pitti Uomo is a treasure trove of sartorial decadence for buyers and enthusiasts alike. Over the years, the trade show has cemented itself to generations young and old as the central meeting point of menswear style. 

It is an experience a million would jump at the opportunity to immerse themselves in. This is why we were so excited when South African fashion and international style influencer, Choaro Motshoeneng showed us, Pitti, through his lens. 

Pitti Uomo 97

Motshoeneng, an alumnus of the University of Johannesburg, international influencer and avid traveller attended Pitti this year with his style squad. We asked him a few questions on what is arguably one of the world’s best menswear events.

What stood out for you about Pitti last week? 

‘’The standard of gentlemen who were present. The fact that we were from different parts of the world but we could communicate even though the language barrier was a bit high, we could communicate. It’s amazing how style can bring people together who share a common goal which is fashion.’’

Describe Pitti in a song?

‘’I’d say, hip hop artist Tellaman featuring Nasty C & Da Les, ‘strike a pose’ (S.A.P). The lyrics I like in the song; ‘’cameras pop, pop, strike a pose’’.

‘’It’s amazing how style can bring people together ‘’

– Choaro Motshoeneng 

What has attending the trade show over the years taught you about the sartorial and textile industry?

‘’Attending the trade show has taught me to be original and hard working. I’ve learned that most gentlemen at Pitti work hard to make their style noticed. They come up with designs and fabrics that will make them stand out and also increases the movement of sartorial wear. A lot of gentlemen look up to me and it’s my duty to educate them about sartorialism because I learn from where it originates from.’’

How would you describe your personal style?

‘’My style is Dandy style. I combine vintage style and combine it with modern style. However, it’s not only about clothes, I’m inspired by how men used to treat themselves, dress up and behave so I practice that, and inspire the younger generation to also live up to those values.’’

Out of all your looks last week at Pitti 97, which one did you enjoy the most?

‘’I enjoyed the day three look where I wore a ‘Smart Turnout’ white cricket jersey with a brown coat. I got inspired by some of the Asian gentlemen. It’s elegant and unique. I added a scarf for colour flavour.’’

Pitti Uomo 97

Pitti Uomo 97

‘’Cameras pop, pop, strike a pose’’

– Tellaman, Nasty C & Da Les

Lastly, which is the go-to fashion meal at Pitti, where do all the stylish people go to eat?

‘’The go-to fashion meal at Pitti is fettuccine Alfredo con Pollo e pecorino Sardo (homemade fettuccine with chicken and special, opulent sheep cheese). All the stylish people go to a place called Caffe Gilli, at Piazza Della Repubblica. That’s where most us do a meet and greet before we do a ‘Pitti Uomo day 0 shoot’.’’

Choaro also dazzled day one of the 97th edition of Pitti Uomo in a suit by South African, Bloemfontein based suit designer ‘Feks’. Putting African flair on a global scale. A true ambassador and maverick of style. You can explore more of his Pitti experience on his Instagram @the_bespoken. #BLQPeople

The next edition of Pitti Uomo; 98,  will be held on 16 – 19 June 2020.

*Image credits: Fabrizio Di Paolo, Choaro Motshoeneng

Experiencing Pitti Uomo 97. through Choaro Motshoeneng's discerning, dandy eye
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