For a very long time, luxury has been understood as a state of comfort and elegance, usually involving great expense. Luxury is often associated with opulence; fancy cars, lavish homes and a grandiose lifestyle that is reserved for people in the higher echelons of society, but all of this is starting to change. We dare you to redefine luxury to fit into your story. What do you perceive as being valuable, priceless and magnificent?

For us at BLQ, luxury is about creating credible content that will challenge the way that our readers think; content that will nourish the soul and mind. Additionally, luxury is about creating immersive, sensory and memorable experiences for our members. Our definition of luxury transcends opulence and incorporates a lifestyle of thought-leadership coupled with enriching experiences. In line with Plascon’s Luxury Story, our luxury is reimagined, bold and authentic.


Plascon has created their own narrative. The brand’s luxury story is informed by the old world. Their luxury colour palette combines mid-century shades with deep, dramatic accents. According to Plascon, the rich autumnal hues of the luxury palette are set against calming neutrals that complement your old-world value system. They reflect your appreciation of life’s most simple pleasures and quality over quantity. Your innate sophistication and love of heritage reimagined in a modern way plays out in the colours with which you surround yourself.  So, what’s you luxury?

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