Set in Venice, from the city’s misty cobbled alleyways to an opulent baroque palace perched on the Grand Canal, the new Gucci Guilty campaign builds sensual intrigue through a series of flashbacks. Here, star Jared Leto reveals his thoughts on the story for the House’s signature scents.

What is the story behind the campaign?

It’s a story of two women and one man—me, who embark on an experimental adventure through one of the most magical cities in the entire world, Venice Italy.

Who is the character you are playing?

We come up with a bit of a story about how much fun it would be if one day you woke up and you were told that you inherited this palace in Venice. This fortress on water and what it would be like and how you can come to a city like this and rediscover who you are. Redefine who you are. That’s a really fun way to think about it. What if? What are the possibilities here? And I think these three people are open to possibilities. They are open to ideas and they are not afraid of experimentation.

What role does the city play in the narrative?

I think it brings out in people a sense of magic. A sense of adventure. It certainly does in me. I have always had a real love for this city. I have spent quite a few nights wandering the streets of Venice and there is a history here too. A history of the Libertine. A history of people coming to a place to find themselves and explore parts of themselves that maybe they can’t in other places. Venice is a city that allows you to kind of explore yourself and discover and redefine who you are and I think it is a perfect place to set this story. These two women and this one man who go on this adventure. This experimental, magical journey together.

How do you think people will react to the campaign?

You never know how people are going to react but it is certainly something I am very proud to be a part of. I have an incredible amount of respect for the people involved. Alessandro’s a true maverick. He is a genius and someone who’s taking something and turning it on its head in such a powerful way that he is making us all ask questions of what is possible and I think that is really hard to do: to take an iconic brand like Gucci and to show us something unexpected.

How was the experience working with Alessandro Michele?

Working with Alessandro is wonderful. I am proud to call him a friend. I think everyone is very at ease because you know when you have decided to take some risks, just to follow your gut. You are not really adhering to the script per se. You’re listening to yourself, to your intuition and I think that everyone is really confident in that and it’s really fun. We have all been having a good time and I think that ends up on camera.

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