Rolling Stone calls the 90s ”the hardest-working decade.” No truer words have ever been spoken! The 90s was a decade of the greatest pop, RnB and hip hop hits, many of which still move us today. The fashion was experimental and fun, reflecting the colourful spirit of the youth of that time. The spirit of the 90s was dormant for a few years, and then it re-emerged in the early “teens” (around 2013/2014) and started to influence our music and fashion trends. Some of us never let go of the 90s, even as they seemed to slip away and give way to the confusing 2000s, the music and fashion of which was not as iconic as that of the 90s.



When you turn the radio on and hear Keith Sweat’s twisted or Boom Shaka’s It’s About Time, you can’t help but close your eyes, hands over your head, and sing along as the nostalgia takes you away. You turn to whoever is around and ask, Waar was jy?” That’s the power of 90s music: it transports you to a time when things were simpler and many have fond memories attached to certain songs. In South Africa, Kwaito provided background music for a relatively liberated young democracy. Today, the authentically South African 90s genre influences the likes of Kwesta and Casper Nyovest. Sonically and lyrically, 90s music had a bit more mastery, depth and creative prowess—and this is what those of us who were born in the 90s miss. As a salve to our longing hearts, Hot 91.9fm, a US-based radio station will be hosting a 90s concert in April right here in SA. This will be a great opportunity to reminisce with loved ones and revel in the awesome spirit of the best decade. You can start rummaging through your cupboard to find those stonewashed denim dungarees.


90s fashion has been trending for a few years now, with iconic items such as Doctor Martins, moonbags and track pants making their ways into many a millennial’s sartorial repertoires. Noticing how 90s fashion is making a major come back, brands such as Puma are giving the people what they want. This year, Puma release their CELL Viper, a throwback to the vis-tech running wave that was introduced by the brand 20 years ago.


What is your favourite 90s trend?



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