Over the past few years, we have seen the alcohol industry go through an interesting evolution; beyond marketing their products, brands have been introducing consumers to a myriad of exciting ways to consume and enjoy alcohol. The bar has evolved from being the run-of-the-mill dispensary for alcohol to being a science lab of sorts where barmen and women experiment with different types of mixtures of booze. Putting together the perfect drink has now become an art worth perfecting; a lot more innovative thinking goes behind creating a memorable drinking experience. 

Besides having a varied selection of fine liquors, it is worth your while to have different ways of enjoying your collection. Below are a few drinking trends that we think will elevate your drinking experience and make you a favourite host. 


Add a bit of fire to your gin

A simple gin and tonic is classic and refreshing, but have you tried adding chilli, grapefruit and lime? Whether you are relaxing at home by yourself or hanging out with friends playing a game of 30 Seconds, this medley of spicy and fruity will make for a memorable moment on your palate. Adding elderflower cordial is also great as it creates the perfect balance of bitter, sweet and spicy. Gone are the days of ordinary tonic water; not only are we seeing an emergence of craft gins, but we’re also seeing an increase in speciality tonics that are made to enhance your gin-drinking experience. 


Fruity alternatives to ice

We all know how annoying it is when your drink gets diluted by the ice; all you wanted was a cool drink but then you end up with more water than booze. To avoid this, freeze fruit such as strawberries, grapes, cubed melons and blueberries, and add them to your drink instead of ice. Your drink will be extra chilled and extra fruity. 


The fun isn’t only limited to alcohol drinkers

According to Forbes, 2019 will see an increase in the selection of mocktails; so if you don’t drink, there’s still a bit of excitement that awaits you, your options aren’t only limited to sparkling water, fruit juice or Coke. “Instead of your run-of-the-mill mixes with grenadine and fruit juice, there will be more creative use of house-made syrups and tonics, fermented ingredients and non-alcoholic spirits.” Even as a non-drinker, you can be adventurous with the beverages that you make for yourself; try experimenting with different fruit, tonics and syrups. 


Be adventurous and have fun 

This time that we are living in is all about going against the grain and trying different things, why not apply the same attitude to drinking? Mix it up! Try adding a mixture of ingredients to your drinks and pair them with different meals. This year, you can expect to see unusual ingredients being added to drinks, ingredients such as chorizo, perennial grains and anchovy; this will obviously depend on where you travel to. According to Forbes, mushroom-infused drinks will also be a thing this year. 


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