We always get excited when we see ordinary people doing extraordinary things because we know that South Africa, and her people, is geared towards greatness. Unemployment and lack of obvious opportunity can sometimes mire potential greats in mediocrity. It’s essential that we mentor and encourage those who don’t have the means to empower themselves; it’s something Blaque always encourages our readers and followers to do.

That’s why we’re really excited about a company we’ve recently encountered – one of SA’s most innovative SMME investment companies, Awethu Projects. It’s black and youth owned, and is pushing entrepreneurs from all walks of life towards their highest potential.

Backed by a number of high profile individuals and institutions, such as Archbishop Tutu and Discovery Holdings, Awethu is in turn backing entrepreneurs with the launch of its #Awe250K in partnership with Government’s Jobs Fund. This initiative is offering 250 budding entrepreneurs with talent and ambition, but no formal business skills, a scholarship worth R45,000.

It’s not for the feint hearted, so if you believe you’re up for it, apply as soon as possible. Scholarship holders will be required to begin running a business after just one month into the six-month course; but it’s totally worth it because the top 10% of graduates will be eligible for an equity investment from Awethu’s investment fund of up to R250,000.

We want to encourage promising entrepreneurs to link up with Awethu – introduce your ambition to an opportunity of a lifetime (http://goo.gl/R1e6wd). Since their start up just six years ago, Awethu have grown to an institution with R160 million to invest – in potential. So, they’re putting their money where their passion is.


If you are or know an entrepreneur with passion and ambition, SMS ‘Ambition’ to 45345 to apply – do this before 31 August 2015. Check out other inspiring entrepreneurs who have already partnered with Awethu: awethuproject.co.za; facebook.com/AwethuProject or go here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dECSXlR2WJI

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