A Better BLQ Beard

Facial hair. We all have to deal with it. Whether you choose to shave it everyday, or grow it into a beard or moustache, we just can’t escape it. It’s unruly, wiry, course, and difficult to deal with at the best of times. No-one wakes up and says, “Today is a good facial hair day”.

But, if you want to tame it and have your partner love your facial hair as much as you do, there is a grooming range that will make everyday a good beard day. The only certified Organic Beard and Moustache products in South Africa, RB&co have a range to cater for all skin types that from our experience, leaves your beard soft, healthy and gorgeous. Because of the natural oils in the product, the underlying skin is moisturised and cared for at the same time. And, it comes in a variety of fragrances, like Citrus, Woody, Natural, and our favourite, Bourbon.

The way to a better beard:

1. Start with a moisturising beard soap. RB&co have a nourishing soap that softens the beard. You can use this as a pre-shave treatment too if you’re the clean-shaven kinda man.





2. Once you have towel dried your bread, apply the balm to condition and soften the beard or moustache
Beard Grooming


Apply the beard oil to aid in combining and styling your beard. The oil leaves your beard shiny and looking healthy


4. Finally, and especially for Movember, use the Moustache Wax to shape your moustache





For more information on RB&co Beard products, find them on Facebook.

Available at Freedom Hair in Melville, Johannesburg, and Foil Styling, Greyston Shopping Centre, Johannesburg.

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