In the beginning, it is the appearance of eagerly awaited peach fuzz with a few sprinklings of dark hair. To be followed closely by that covetous first shave. Usually complete with a side of cuts, irritation and razor bumps. And there you have it! An irrefutable sign of masculinity.

As with most things, this once novel experience becomes routine. Mundane and trying, cuts, irritation, and razor bumps still attached.

When they were boys, men looked forward to their first shave and consider it to be a rite of passage into manhood. But for most guys, the great feeling that they get from making this meaningful rite of passage doesn’t last very long. As a man leaves his teens, shaving turns from an important life moment into just another one of those annoying things that they feel they have to do.

Until Schick decided to do something about it. The Schick Hydro 5 offers smart technology and advanced skin protection as a solution.

Their answer is to lubricate the skin in a long lasting way, protecting the skin throughout every stroke, and up to one hour after shaving. But that’s not all we’re getting from Schick this season. Try a brand new handle, reduced blade span, redoubled skin contact points and a flip trimmer for size.

The Schick Hydro Difference – Mainstay Features That Challenged Conventional Razor Design  

Advanced Skin Guards & Reduced Blade Span

One of the major advances of Schick Hydro has been the invention of skin guards: strips of steel layered on top of the cutting blades, designed to help men get a smooth shave by doubling the number of points of contact with skin and controlling blade span. With the improved Hydro 5, Schick doubles-down on its commitment to protection by reducing the blade span, minimizing the skin bulge between blades as the razor contacts skin.

Flip Trimmer

Many razors currently on the market offer a single edging or trimming blade for sideburns and other hard-to-trim places. The Flip Trimmer on Schick Hydro razors offer a unique design. With a simple flick of the thumb, guys can flip back the hydrating gel reservoir so that the five blades line up easily against your skin. All five blades help to trim, versus the single edging blade of most other razors. The razor continues to rest naturally in the hand—no need to awkwardly turn over the razor for a trimming blade, allowing for a comfortable hold.


Recognizing that the design and function of the handle on a razor are as important as the cartridge that it holds, Schick spent years developing the Hydro handle alone. Consumers helped Schick whittle down seven potential handle designs, offering their insights and opinions on ergonomics, grip, appearance, and many other factors. The result is an extremely comfortable, ergonomic handle, with an updated and more masculine color scheme.

So what do they all these changes FEEL like? It’s a powerful, win-the-woman sensation. Refreshed, gently cared for skin and a razor that rests naturally in the hand—no need to awkwardly turn over the razor for a trimming blade. Behold! a comfortable hold!

This is for the men who crave a great shave. Schick Hydro liberates men to stand up to their facial hair and, defying irritation, take back their shaves and free their skin.

Now men can reap all the benefits, anticipated and longed for. Schick Hydro 5 delivers a remarkable and unique shaving experience.


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