One of the majestic things about being human is our creativity. The music, film, art and stories we have produced throughout history have been incredibly beautiful and moving—the different styles and sounds and aesthetics; so much must artistry coming from different corners of the globe. Dance is an example of what has come out of our limitless creative capabilities and our affinity for individual and collective expression. Beyond its physical benefits, dance is a healer, used for social commentary and it can bring people together.


Dance as a healer

Dance encourages you to express everything that you are feeling and going through without using many words. Whether it’s rage, disappointment or sadness, there is a move that can represent the emotion you are feeling. Dance is quite cathartic; expressing yourself through dance is akin to writing in your journal—at the end of it, you will feel lighter and freer. Part of the process of emotional healing is improved self-confidence; dance does this by stretching you and making you discover what you can do with your body. Dance therapy exists because it has been found that there is a positive correlation between dance and emotional wellbeing. Tai Chi can be considered a de facto form of dance therapy as it combines meditation and movement to bring inner healing and peace.


Image cred: Mark Wessels.



“The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word” – Mata Hari


Dance as a form of social commentary

Dance has often intersected with the world of activism, particularly contemporary and interpretive dance. It has the ability to be a powerful form of storytelling, but it can go beyond the poetic to dance truth to power, as it were. Not everyone can write, paint or sing, so dance gives those who can move a platform to contribute to important socio-political discourse.


Dance brings people together

If you are looking for an effective and fun way to meet new people and form new relationships, dance is the thing to do. You get to learn new moves alongside people from various walks of life. There is something empowering about being part of a group. Dance provides the perfect platform for collective growth and healing.


Image cred: Mark Wessels.


If you are based in Cape Town and are interested in starting dance classes, the Jazzart Dance Company is the company for you. They offer evening classes for people of various ages. The award-winning contemporary dance company is on a mission to help South Africans get fit as well as provide a safe space for people to express their innermost emotions – all through movement.

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