When it comes to skincare, it seems as though women have a lot more options than men. While this is the case, it does not mean that your skin does not require as much attention. As a man, your skin is different and thus requires a different approach. It’s tougher, thicker and more prone to oiliness. Add stress, a night out with the boys and shaving to the mix, and one can see how your skincare regimen needs to be as robust as your lifestyle.

Besides having facial hair, there are structural differences between a man’s skin and a woman’s. Testosterone stimulation causes an increase in skin thickness, which accounts for why your skin is about 25% thicker than a woman’s. In addition to being thicker, a man’s skin texture is tougher.

Sebum (oil) and its production also differ. After puberty, sebum production is greater in males than females, which is attributed to testosterone secretions and accounts for why men have longer lasting acne.  

The most important part of your skincare is to address the fundamental differences in your skin and that is facial hair & the shaving process.

Shaving can not only result in razor burn, ingrown hairs and razor bumps, but it can lead to increased sensitization and inflammation which results in premature ageing. 

The average man’s beard grows two millimetres per day, there is ample opportunity to create an inflamed skin condition during shaving. As a matter of fact, if the average man starts shaving at age 13 and continues until he is 85 years old, and assuming he spends all of five minutes shaving each day, he will devote over six months of his life to just shaving his beard.

During shaving, the barrier layer can be damaged, especially if the man is in the habit of using alcohol-laden aftershaves, which can remove this important barrier. Once the barrier is broken down, water readily escapes from the underlying tissues, creating a dehydrated skin condition. Chemicals from the environment can now penetrate into the skin, causing irritation and a sensitized skin condition.

Once inflamed, anything can irritate the skin, including daily shaving. You must understand that there is more to shaving than just the razor! Not only do they need to consider beard type, but also consider skin condition as well. Select an adequate shaving system with products that will assist with pre-shave, mid-shave and post-shave, remember to always use a good moisturiser and wear sunscreen over freshly-shaved skin and shave using carefully selected products.


SIX Man Has Exactly What You Need

SIX Man is ideal for the get-up and go-getter. Their products have highly active ingredients, which target men’s specific skincare needs. Their range includes 3 unique two-in-one products, making your life simple and giving you fresh, healthy skin every time you use them. 


SIX Man – Men’s Shaving Face Wash

With Aloe to act as an anti-inflammatory, this face wash is soothing on the skin and is excellent to shave with. Your skin is guaranteed to get the healing it needs. 


SIX Man – Men’s Moisturising Cream

This moisturising cream contains apple extract and acts as an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant. It retains skin moisture and elasticity, and it protects the skin from both environmental and free-radical damage. It also doubles up as an aftershave skin softener.

SIX Man – Beard Oil

A powerful combination of Vitamin E, Argan Oil & Wheat Germ Oil, the SIX Man beard oil nourishes and repairs the beard leaving it soft & healthy.  Doubles up as a powerful serum for dry and dull skins.


SIX Man products are available at spas. To find your nearest stockist, visit sixskincare.com 

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