Millennials are all about innovation, creativity and individuality, and they’re constantly looking for ways to express this. Fashion provides a great medium for us to express who we are and where we are headed. Brands are starting to understand this need for creative sartorial expression; they are understanding the longing for a personalised version of common items of clothing.

Two brands that are meeting millennials at their place of sartorial need are P.A.M (Perks and Mini) and Converse. In their first exclusive collaboration, these brands have created an icy dreamscape in which P.A.M, a multi-disciplinary lifestyle brand, have stamped their signature bold graphics, and MUTATION theme, onto the collection. P.A.M is a psychedelic art project from Australia, where the clothes are just part of the trip. They are known for weird graphic and silhouette remixes.

The Chuck 70 is introduced into the collection featuring a zip-off upper in quilted nylon with Primaloft fill. The shoes have a custom license plate on the left foot and a woven label on the tongue, with a “Mutation” logo embroidered on the canvas interior.

There is an alternative closure (easy on/off) on canvas shoe under the zip-off upper. This collaboration is all about the details. You can expect a custom shoebox and tissue paper printed with a collage inspired by Antiquity landscapes.

We are all similar in that we long to be different, and this is where multi-functional items of clothing help us—by being malleable and offering options regarding how we wear them, multi-purpose fashion items give us the freedom to express our individuality. Inspire your own transformation with these functional mutant Converse Classics.


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