We demand so much from our minds and bodies that it only makes sense to commit to a healthy diet. The healthier we are, the more energised we will feel. A healthy diet is important for your vitality. South Africa’s favourite dinner kit delivery service, UCOOK, has spent some time researching what people want to eat. The results helped UCOOK develop two categories that can be easily incorporated into your lifestyle: Easy Peasy and Health Nut. These two new categories have been added onto UCOOK’s website and instead of being centred around specific diets, they are oriented around a specific set of benefits.

For the Health Nut category, UCOOK has worked with dieticians to put together a weekly menu that includes recipes with a focus on ethical sourcing, clean carbohydrates, high protein sources, and superfood trends. They’ve also ensured that gluten, dairy, and sugar-free offerings are available where possible.

What you can expect from the Easy Peasy category are simple and satisfying home-style classics. This category offers organic, seasonal ingredients. The menu will include cubed veg, diced onion and a selection of pre-made sauces. The Easy Peasy category is all about cooking convenience and saving time without compromising flavour.

Health Nut and Easy Peasy are part of UCOOK’s Vegetarian meal selection. In September, the company will be adding a highly requested category, one solely devoted to families.

To try out the new dishes from these two exciting categories visit ucook.co.za.

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